Unique body cage wear

Blasphemy, spikes, studs, chains and gore! Sinister Designs produces unique harnesses, cage bras, garters, gloves, and reconstructed items. More items coming soon.
All body cage wear is handmade and made to order.
Sinister Designs was created in 2013 by model Elena Bathory.
I grew up watching my mother sew and thought it was so awesome how she could make clothes from scratch for her and myself. My grandmother also sewed and had a career in the industry in New York and Puerto Rico.
I wanted to create body cage wear that was unique and would appeal to those who love alternative and metal fashion. I love spikes, studs, lace, and horror so I wanted to incorporate that into my designs. I also wanted to create items that can be worn in various ways. My body cage wear can be used as lingerie pieces or as a clothing accessory to accentuate your outfits.
From designing and sewing, to promoting and packaging, Sinister Designs is run entirely by me.